Databases & Bioinformatic Tools

(Note: some of the URLs have changed over time, so if you are redirected to a blank page just Google the name of the software/database/web-server to find the new URL)


1. Protein & Enzyme Databases

I. Classification & General Info

  • Proteopedia – 3D encyclopedia of proteins and other molecules
  • SCOP– Structural Classification Of Proteins
  • CATH (another classification database)
  • GeneCards (database of human genes)

II. Sequence

  • SwissProt – a comprehensive protein sequences database
  • Pfam – sequence-based identification of domains
  • PredictProtein – sequence-based prediction of protein features, e.g. secondary structures

III. Structure

IV. Enzymes

V. Membrane Proteins

VI. Disease-related


2. Small Molecules Databases


3. Bioinformatic Tools

I. Sequence Analysis

II. Secondary Structure Prediction

III. 3D Structure Prediction (fully-automated servers)

IV. Domain Structural Identification

(more info on these and other structure prediction servers can be found in this paper by Daniel Fischer)


V. Protein Dynamics


VI. Protein Function Prediction

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