About my work


  1. Kessel, A. and Ben-Tal, N. (to be published soon) From Molecules to Cells: the Emergence of Life on Earth.
  2. Kessel, A. and Ben-Tal, N. (2018) Proteins: Structure, Function, & Motion. 2nd edition. Chapman & Hall/CRC. [amazon] [Book’s web-page].
  3. Kessel, A. and Ben-Tal, N. (2010) Proteins: Structure, Function, & Motion. 1st edition. Chapman & Hall/CRC. [amazon]

Teaching & Course Development

  1. From molecules to cells: the emergence of life on Earth and beyond – Tel-Aviv University (graduate level) [New – starting 2021].
  2. Structural biology – Tel-Aviv University (graduate level).
  3. Biochemistry 101 for chemistry & biology students – Tel-Aviv University (undergraduate level).
  4. Biochemistry 101 for medical students – Tel-Aviv University (undergraduate level).
  5. Biochemistry 101 for nursing students – Tel-Aviv-Yaffo Academic College (undergraduate level).
  6. Protein science for bioinformatics students – Tel-Aviv-Yaffo Academic College (undergraduate level).

Research topics

  1. Structure-function relationships in proteins and peptides – collaboration with Prof. Nir Ben-Tal (Tel-Aviv University, Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology).
  2. Molecular mechanisms of inherited metabolic diseases – collaboration with Prof. Abdussalam Azem (Tel-Aviv University, Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology).
  3. Design of chemo-enzymatic processes for the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates (ES-IS Technologies Ltd, see below).


Biotech Industry

Co-founder and Head of Innovative R&D at ES-IS Technologies Ltd (2010- 2014)

This startup company used computational methods to design chemo-enzymatic processes for the pharmaceutical industry. These processes were used to synthesize active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates in a way which was more efficient and environmentally friendly than the existing methods. 


 Scientific Papers

  • Masrati, G. , Mondal, R. , Rimon, A. , Kessel, A. , Padan, E. , Lindahl, E. , Ben-Tal, N. (2020) An angular motion of a conserved four-helix bundle facilitates alternating access transport in the TtNapA and EcNhaA transporters. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 117(50):31850–31860 [PDF].
  • Neumann, M.A. et al. (2020) Haploinsufficiency due to a novel ACO2 deletion causes mitochondrial dysfunction in fibroblasts from a patient with dominant optic nerve atrophy. Scientific reports 10(1): 1-15. [PDF]
  • Narunsky A., Kessel A., Solan R., Alva V., Kolodny R., and Ben-Tal N. (2020) On the evolution of protein-adenine binding. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 17(9):4701-4709. [PDF]
  • Ben Chorin A., Masrati G., Kessel A., Narunsky A., Sprinzak J., Lahav S., Ashkenazy H., and Ben-Tal N. (2019) ConSurf-DB: An accessible repository for the evolutionary conservation patterns of the majority of PDB proteins. Protein Science 29:258– 267 [PDF]
  • Sharkia R., Zalan A., Jabareen-Masri, A., Hengel, H., Schöls, L., Kessel, A., Azem, A. and Mahajnah, M. (2019) A novel biallelic loss-of-function mutation in TMCO1 gene confirming and expanding the phenotype spectrum of cerebro-facio-thoracic dysplasia. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A 179(7):1338-1345. [PDF]
  • Patra, M., Weiss, C., Abu-Libdeh, B., Ashhab, M., Abuzer, S., Elpeleg, O., Mahajnah, M., Kessel, A. and Azem, A. (2019) A novel variant of the human mitochondrial DnaJ protein, Tid1, associates with a human disease exhibiting developmental delay and polyneuropathy. European Journal of Human Genetics [Epub ahead of print] [PDF]
  • Sharkia R, Wierenga KJ, Kessel A, Azem A, Bertini E, Carrozzo R, Torraco A, Goffrini P, Berti CC, McCormick ME, Plecko B, Klein A, Abela L, Hengel H, Schöls L, Shalev S, Khayat M, Mahajnah M, Spiegel R. (2019) Clinical, radiological, and genetic characteristics of 16 patients with ACO2 gene defects: Delineation of an emerging neurometabolic syndrome. Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease 4(2): 264-275 [PDF]
  • Masrati, G., Dwivedi, M., Rimon, A., Gluck-Margolin, Y., Kessel, A., Ashkenazy, H., Mayrose, I., Padan, E. and Ben-Tal, N. (2018) Broad phylogenetic analysis of cation/proton antiporters reveals transport determinants. Nature Communications 9: 4205-42018. [PDF]
  • Kessel, A., Kolodny, R., and Ben-Tal, N. Similarity between the repeating domain of an ice-adhesin and usher plug: evolution via surface reshaping. Israel Journal of Chemistry 57: 381-384 [PDF]
  • Glaser, F., Rosenberg, Y., Kessel, A., Pupko, T. and N. Ben-Tal (2005) The ConSurf-HSSP database: The mapping of evolutionary conservation among homologs onto PDB structures. PROTEINS: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 58:610-617. [PDF]
  • Oren, I., Fleishmann, S.J., Kessel, A. and N. Ben-Tal (2004) Free Diffusion of Steroid Hormones Across Biomembranes: A Simplex Search with Implicit Solvent Model Calculations. Biophysical Journal 87:768-779. [PDF]
  • Kessel, A., Tieleman, D. P. and N. Ben-Tal (2004) Interactions of alamethicin channels with lipid bilayers: continuum solvent model studies of structures derived from molecular dynamics simulations. European Biophysics Journal 33:16-28. [PDF]
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  • Kessel, A. and N. Ben-Tal (2002) Free energy determinants of peptide association with lipid bilayers. In Current Topics In Membranes 52: 205-253. S. A. Simon and T. J. McIntosh, editors. ).Publisher: Academic Press. (Also published in: ChemInform 33 (43): 292-292 (ISSN: 1522-2667)). [PDF]
  • Bransburg-Zabary, S., Kessel, A., Gutman, M. and N. Ben-Tal. (2002) Stability of an ion channel in lipid bilayers: implicit solvent model calculations with gramicidin. Biochemistry 41: 6946-6954. [PDF]
  • Kessel, A., Ben-Tal, N. and S. May. (2001) Interactions of cholesterol with lipid bilayers: the preferred configuration and fluctuations.  Biophysical Journal 81: 643-658. [PDF]
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