This website is intended to provide free and useful information to biochemistry and cell biology students & teachers.

Most of the information covered by the website revolves around the molecular basis of life. It starts with a general summary about the molecules of life and then expands on specific key molecules: proteins, peptides, amino acids, and vitamins.

The text also refers to methods for studying these molecules, with emphasis on biophysical methods. The latter allow scientists to characterize the physicla forces acting on the atoms of biomolecules, and predict how this action changes the structure and dynamics of the molecules. Links to relevant databases and online bioinformatic tools are also given.

Finally, you can find here links to online images, animations/movies, and exams that may help students of cell biology and biochemistry.

The detailed information on proteins and related molecules is adapted in most part from my book (1st edition, 2nd edition), co-written with Prof. Nir Ben-Tal from Tel-Aviv University:


g(Book’s web-page)


The topics covered by the website are as follows:


I. Biochemistry & Cell biology

1. The molecules of life

2.  Proteins: Nature’s own nano-machines

3. Amino acids: Chemistry & Biochemistry

4. How Vitamins Work

4. Biochemistry & molecular biology animations

5. Online exams in Biochemistry & Cell Biology

6. The living cell gallery

7. Research focus: antimicrobial peptides

8. Science links


II. Biophysics & Bioinformatics

1. Molecular biophysics

2. Computational methods & tools in biophysics

3. Databases & bioinformatic tools


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